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How to True/False: Passes

January 29, 2013


Columbia is only a month away from one of its most exciting events. The True/False Film Festival will celebrate its tenth edition February 28-March 3 and the time to plan is now!


First things first. You need to buy yourself a pass for the festival. True/False provides lots of options for festival goers to choose from, so check out each level to see how deep into the festival you’d like to go. For first-timers, the Simple Pass is the perfect option to see a whole bunch of films, plus enjoy buskers and the generally incredible True/False atmosphere.

If you’ve been coming to True/False for a few years and want to take your experience to the next level, may we recommend a Lux Pass? Not only will you be able to make ticket reservations 48 hours earlier than Simple Pass holders (worth it!), you also get admission to the Jubilee on Thursday night. The Jubilee is a masquerade event with revelry, food and performances from T/F musicians!

For the ultimate True/False experience, the Silver Circle and Super Circle passes include even more privileges for the festival goer and you can even have a film consultation with a True/False staffer with your Super Circle Pass. Wow!

Ok, now you’re ready to buy your passes, right? Right. Moving on! Next time we’ll cover what makes True/False so special, including a fun run, music showcases and fantastic parties. See you then!

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Columbia Snapshot

January 18, 2013


Welcome to our new series of posts called the ‘Columbia Snapshot’ here at GottaGoCoMo. We’ll be featuring photos from around Columbia captured by our staff or by our readers to share little corners of our city that you might not always see.

This first shot is from the Missouri Theatre on 9th Street in downtown Columbia. A historic landmark, the Missouri Theatre is flourishing with beauty after a multi-million dollar renovation was completed a few years ago. Now home to University Concert Series performances, True/False Film Festival screenings and other special events, the Missouri Theatre captures the feel of times gone by while showcasing modern talent.

The intricate dome overlooks the balcony and the main floor, providing a breathtaking centerpiece for the venue. Painstakingly hand painted, the details are rich and opulent, making the dome a perfect place to explore with your eyes while waiting for the show to start.

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It’s Time to get Artrageous

January 15, 2013


Four times each year, Columbia gets Artrageous! Head into The District and the North Village Arts District to enjoy special art events, artists in residence, musical performances and more! While you’re there, pick up a new piece of jewelry, chat with other art lovers and enjoy dinner at one of downtown’s spectacular restaurants.
The next Artrageous Friday is on January 18th from 6-9 p.m., so plan your artsy adventure now!

Map out your artsy adventure!

Here are a few stops to consider on the 18th…

Bluestem Missouri Crafts: A Tisket, A Tasket, Some Very Special Baskets will open at Bluestem on Friday, January 18. The show will feature the work of award-winning basket artist Martha Monson Lowe.

Columbia Art League: Multi-award winning scratchboard artist, Harold Farley, will be demonstrating his art in the CAL gallery. You might have seen his award winning Night Owl work at last Fall’s Boone County Art Show. Come and watch how his animals take form on scratchboard. Young artists can come and try their hand at scratch-boarding in the CAL classroom with Harold on-hand to give out tips and techniques.

Orr Street Studios: Housing 28 artists in 19 working studios, Orr Street Studios offers the opportunity to interact and visit with numerous local artists in one location.  Creating amazing works in paint, pencil, woodworking, ceramics, design, photography, and more, Orr Street has it all!  During Artrageous Fridays our artists will be on hand, one-of-a-kind works will be for sale, music will be in the air, and community members are sure to be inspired and amazed!

PS: Gallery: Come create your very own terrarium in honor of Laura Konopinski’s artwork, recently debuted and currently on exhibit at PS:Gallery. Laura’s new series, utilizing a variety of media and glass-working techniques, are looking-glass enclosures of text, organic imagery and found objects that result in intimate, and intensely poetic worlds. You’ll have a chance to make your very own terrarium with supplies provided at PS:Gallery.

Missouri Contemporary Ballet: Stop by Missouri Contemporary Ballet to watch a rehearsal for our upcoming tour to William Woods University in Fulton, MO. Join us from 6-9pm to experience the artistry, athleticism, and grace of the only local contemporary ballet company! It’s not every day you get to see the process behind the finished product.

Also be sure to dine at restaurants featuring art like Bleu, Trey Bistro, Room 38 and more.

What will you be sure to experience at Artrageous Friday?

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True/False is Coming

January 3, 2013


True/False is coming…

I am in awe of what you have built in Columbia. I have been to many festivals around the world, but I have never witnessed the unique combination of community spirit, excited audiences, daring programming and all-around fantastic atmosphere that you have fostered around T/F.

Simon Kilmurry, executive director, American Documentary/POV

The festival will celebrate its 10th year in 2013…

We figured out that you are secretly brainwashing us, in preparation for your tenth anniversary whereupon you will send out the balloon signal and wherever your past attendees are, the chip will kick in and we will do whatever you have programmed us to.

Natalie Difford, Chicken & Egg

Are you ready?

How often does anything truly live up to expectations? How common is it for our false hopes to be dashed by too much hype? What a wonder to experience a weekend that went so far beyond our imaginings. We were beyond dazzled by the expert organization, warm reception and friendly audiences. True/False reminded me what our film community actually feels like and why I love it so much.

Heidi Ewing, director, Detropia

Mark your calendars for Feb. 28-March 3rd…

For any documentarian, True/False is nirvana. You walk down the street of Columbia Missouri — and you are stopped by students and secretaries, college professors and construction workers, and they all want to talk to you about your film, the intricacies of its subject and the aesthetic choices made! This is the way it’s supposed to be and never is: the town lives and breathes docs. When I went to True/False, I remembered what I sometimes forget: the unalloyed joy of making and watching docs.

Alex Gibney, director, Taxi to the Dark Side

And buy your passes today.

I could not have asked for a more intimate, smart, meaningful experience.

Nadav Kurtz, director, Paradiso

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