How to True/False: Passes

January 29, 2013


Columbia is only a month away from one of its most exciting events. The True/False Film Festival will celebrate its tenth edition February 28-March 3 and the time to plan is now!


First things first. You need to buy yourself a pass for the festival. True/False provides lots of options for festival goers to choose from, so check out each level to see how deep into the festival you’d like to go. For first-timers, the Simple Pass is the perfect option to see a whole bunch of films, plus enjoy buskers and the generally incredible True/False atmosphere.

If you’ve been coming to True/False for a few years and want to take your experience to the next level, may we recommend a Lux Pass? Not only will you be able to make ticket reservations 48 hours earlier than Simple Pass holders (worth it!), you also get admission to the Jubilee on Thursday night. The Jubilee is a masquerade event with revelry, food and performances from T/F musicians!

For the ultimate True/False experience, the Silver Circle and Super Circle passes include even more privileges for the festival goer and you can even have a film consultation with a True/False staffer with your Super Circle Pass. Wow!

Ok, now you’re ready to buy your passes, right? Right. Moving on! Next time we’ll cover what makes True/False so special, including a fun run, music showcases and fantastic parties. See you then!

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