About the Blog

Gotta Go CoMo is a fantastic resource for all things Columbia, MO. Visiting Columbia is an experience, and we’re excited to share everything from dining to festivals to parks with you. Columbia is a dynamic community and we invite you to join in that community here and to visit us in person!

4 Comments on “About the Blog”

  1. Roxann Payne Says:

    Does anyone remember when downtown Chicago had all of the cow statues decorated by local artists? They were really quite a tourism thing for a few years!! Has Columbia ever considered something along that line using tigers? Of course each tiger would be strategically placed to draw crowds to the sponsoring businesses:) CoMo is certainly loaded with talent…lets do it!


  2. Gabrielle Lewis Says:

    This is just flat out embarrassing! Please don’t tell me a Mizzou J School grad came up with that horrible grammar/made-up word. Who the heck voted on this?


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